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Theme Effects Menu Transitions with AniMenu Plus v2.0 for Symbian^3 / Anna / Belle Nokia 5800, N97, X6, 5230, N8, C7, C6-01, E7, E6, X7, N97 Mini





NOTE: Install all the contents of this package in E drive i.e. MEMORY CARD, to function properly.


1. Hacked phone
2. Python Pack + Ultramodule pack (links included)
3. Animenuplus v2.0
4. c2z and open4all patch

Here are the steps to install:

1. First of all create a c2z patch for your phone.

    Note: N96 v30 users plz use the c2z patch attached below....its working properly on all v30 and above firmware of N96

2. Uninstall any Python app and Python script shell and even Extramodule pack. After removing these files open the 'Ultramodule pack' and install pythonpack.sis and Ultrapowermodule.sis to E: ......then reboot your phone

   3. Then Extract AniMenuPlus v2.0 from the will find many files inside. So first u install Aniumenu Plus v2.00.sis ....after installation install Animenu Plus fix.sis

   4. Open the folder Powlite_fm .....and you will find 2 files....copy them to you E:\Resource\ ...if needed then overwrite the existing files.

   5. Install Font Router LT & then install Font Router Man according to your phone i.e FP1 or FP2.

   6. Then when all installations are done....restart your phone....then go to ROMPatcher+ and activate C2Z patch & Open4all patch...add them to auto.

   7. Open AniMenu plus v2.0 and then go to Animations & select the animation you like....then go to themes option and select theme effects off...then put the effects on.

   8. Thats all....enjoy all the animations...

Additional Options

   * To change Startup and Shutdown animation & sound:
   1. Go to Multi Setup options
   2. Select your option i.e Startup Animation..then select your .mbm file.
   3. For Shutdown a .mif file
   4. For Startup or Shutdown must select a .mp3 file

   Note:*Please delete 101f873.cre on ("C:\private\101f8763\persists\101f8763.cre") before apply startup & shutdown options..

   * Change Operator Logo:
   1. Go to Multi Setup option and select Operator Logo
   2. Enter your MCC_MNC code of ur operator (e.g mine is Idea Network so i used 404_22 in the MCC_MNC) and select your .mbm operator logo.

   * Change Menu Circle:
   *For N97 (Phone used gridroot.mbg file) users, choose ~N97~.
   *Others model (included Omnia HD), choose ~OTHERS~.

   1. Then select your Menu Circle....and then restart your phone to see full effect.
   __________________________________________________ ______

   Changes from v1.10 to v.2.0 of AniMenu Plus

   *All effects update with Speed-Turbo Manifest file by dscobsct.
   *Add 8 new effects (Infinity, Atlantis, Zoom Extreme, Swerve1&2, Fresh, Pipen Remix, Quake, Fiolet, Focus & Merchane).
   *Fixed installation time in one pack.
   *Fixed Own Effects bugs on previous version by manual selecting effects file.

   New Feature :
   *Add Multi Setup for setup Startup & Shutdown animation & Operator logo.
   *Add Change Menu Circle (Open-App. Icon) options & shortcut for FontrouterMan.
   *Alert sound.
   *Add search field on animations selection menu.


Download here

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  1. hey bro i cant apply c2z patch. I hav c6-01 and animenu app is also not open please help me @ plese

  2. Wooow!! A very insightful and informative post. It is so on point. Am adding you guys to bookmark rightaway. Keep it up


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